Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SDGE Campaign Clears Clutter

It was time to “Clear the Clutter.”  That is what SDG&E called their internal campaign to raise the conscious of its employees about their stockpile of non-used items. 
We are all guilty of it – hanging on to those items we are sure we will use again.  They get stuffed into drawers, onto shelves, pushed to the back of closets.  And more often times than not, those items are never used again; they just collect dust.
Fast forward to Clear the Clutter - the result of an on-going sustainability initiative by director of facilities, John Ritter.
Clear the Clutter targeted office supplies and small office furniture.  The project was coordinated with Sustainable Surplus Exchange (SSE).
“This is our third project with SDG&E and we continue to be impressed with the level of the employees’ involvement,” said SSE executive director, Sue Prelozni. 
Over the course of a week the employees at the Century Park complex deposited their surplus into containers strategically placed at each building.  At the end of the week the items were vetted by SDG&E for redeployment, donation and disposal.
Clear the Clutter contributed almost 300 boxes of office supplies, and a sundry of file cabinets, chairs, whiteboards and commercial wall art.  These items were added to the inventory for SSE’s Holiday BYOB (Bring Your Own Box) event.  

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