Monday, October 26, 2015

Clif Bar Family Foundation Repeats Support of Sustainable Surplus

October 25, 2015 - San Diego – For the second year in a row, the Clif Bar Family Foundation (CBFF) chose to support local nonprofit, Sustainable Surplus Exchange (SSE).  The $5000 grant underlines the parallel mission of the two organizations – conserving resources and effecting social and environmental change.

“Among the many organizations we support, Sustainable Surplus continues to stand out as one that offers social and environmental change,” according to Carrie Walle, CBFF program associate.  

The two organizations share several parallel missions - reducing waste while conserving resources and producing green jobs.  Sustainable Surplus diverts unnecessary corporate waste from the landfills by providing companies a direct channel to repurpose their out of use assets to local schools and nonprofit organizations. 

“We have engaged 200 corporations to directly support more than 400 local community organizations with still-useful items,” said SSE executive director Sue Prelozni.  In just four years, SSE has served 30,000 teachers, students, nonprofit beneficiaries and entrepreneurs. 

SSE handles everything from office supplies and furniture to computers and laboratory equipment.  It has repurposed $1.7 million of assets, diverting 400,000 pounds of useable items from going to the landfill.  “

“This grant also supports SSE’s need to increase its capacity to handle the growing asset donations, and as a result, create green jobs in our community,” said Prelozni. It’s a triple win for the environment, community organizations and commerce.

About Clif Bar Family Foundation

Founded in 2006 by Clif Bar & Company Owners & Co-Chief Visionary Officers Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford, Clif Bar Family Foundation supports innovative small and mid-sized organizations working to strengthen the food system and communities, enhance public health and safeguard the environment and natural resources. For more information or to find out how to apply for a grant, visit

Monday, October 19, 2015

Sustainable Surplus Wins Award for Small Business

Oct 16, 2015 – Sustainable Surplus Exchange (SSE) won the Small Business of the Year in the “Community Impact” category at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce awards event.  Several hundred small business owners, community leaders and governmental representatives joined in the celebration held today at the Carlsbad Sheraton Resort.

SSE had been nominated in three categories:  Community Impact, Cornerstone and Woman-Owned or Founded business.  “That’s a first,” commented Chamber president, Ted Owen, when he called their CEO, Sue Prelozni to tell her SSE was a finalist.  The Chamber awards recognize the accomplishments and entrepreneurship of small business owners – the backbone of our economy representing 99.7 percent of all employers in the country.

SSE Board Director Aaron Brooks with Sue Prelozni, CEO
Sustainable Surplus was founded by Ms. Prelozni and launched in 2011. She recognized a need to manage the fall-out of the biotechnology industry’s constant flux – mergers, acquisitions, drug failures, depleted funding. As a result, thousands of still-useful assets were left behind for disposal. Resellers were only buying capital assets. Prelozni designed an innovative donation channel to redistribute left-over assets to fulfill the growing needs of struggling nonprofits, schools and start-ups.

“This has been quite an experience – a lot of passion mixed in with hard work and faith,” commented Prelozni.  “SSE has been blessed by the support of many committed people who volunteer their time to achieve the mission of building a sustainable community.”

SSE has benefited more than 30,000 teachers, students, nonprofit staff and beneficiaries, and start-up entrepreneurs throughout San Diego County.  Of the 400 organizations SSE has supported, more than 10 percent are in Carlsbad.  Today, 200 companies have engaged in sustainable practices and have donated, not disposed, $1.7 million of still usable assets to the program.  As a result, SSE helped divert 374,000 pounds of items from the landfills.

SSE is now in a position to expand its outreach and impact and will be in need of additional warehouse space.  “As the social responsibility of local companies grows, more assets are being donated. Our distribution efforts are doubling and we will need to hire more people to support the community organizations,” Prelozni explained.

SSE Board Advisor Sandy Atkinson wth Sue Prelozni, CEO
The theme for today’s event was “Rising Tides,” based on the idiom "a rising tide lifts all boats," coined by John F Kennedy.  It describes the idea that when an economy is performing well, all people will benefit from it. The idiom is actually from the New England regional chamber of commerce.

Friday, October 2, 2015

SSE Featured at Woman of Success Expo

Come join the celebration of WOMEN OF SUCCESS - NORTH COUNTY EXPO - The organization is launching the expansion to North County on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Master of Ceremony:  Dr. Ruben Garcia, District Director
Small Business Administration - San Diego

Hear from women business owners on networking, gain insight on how to take a challenge to success. Learn how to network and gain net worth. All women are invited to exchange solutions, find power partners and grow your client base. 


Sustainable Surplus is a the nonprofit business spotlight of this event and new member to the "Women of Success."

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