Sunday, February 28, 2016

Valentine's BYOB with a Twist Raises $8000

More than 120 teachers and nonprofit staff showed up for the “Valentine’s BYOB – With a Twist.”  The event was so named because in addition to the ritual Bring-Your-Own-Box for free office supplies, there were hundreds of fun home décor and furnishings available.
A recent donation of more than 1200 line items from a popular retailer drew in the crowds.  Items included pillows, lanterns, patio furniture and candles.
The warehouse looked extraordinarily bright and colorful, according to SSE executive director Sue Prelozni. 
Items were priced up to 90% off of their normal retail price.  Knowing this, the attendees lined up at the door – making BYOB look more like Black Friday at Macy’s.  All revenue goes directly to support the operations of SSE.
In addition, Milton's donated cases of its new gluten-free chips and cookies for everyone to imbibe while "shopping."  All made for a memorable event.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

United Way, SSE Partner on Donation

Much fun was had by all as volunteers from both United Way and Sustainable Surplus ferreted through a large donation of household décor and patio furniture.  There were over 1200 items that once filled a 53 foot truck.  
Volunteers Ready with Carts and Palette-jacks
The retailer-donor took the sustainability path and choose to donate the items to the two organizations who are well suited to find them all a new home.  “Because the items were used for display,” explained SSE director Sue Prelozni, “they could not be re-shelved for sale.”

United Way loaded up the items they needed for their constituents, leaving about 70 percent for repurposing at the Exchange.  "It was just incredible," commented UW marketing director, Michele Predko.  "We saw the list and thought we knew what to expect. But until you actually see it, you can't imagine."

So many pillows!  And lanterns and glasses.  Students from Trade Tech High School did a phenomenal job sorting and organizing over 300 pillows.

The items will be available for a small exchange fee at SSE’s next BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Box) event on February 11.  For information about BYOB, please email us