Tuesday, October 18, 2016

SSE Partners with US Business Council for Sustainable Development

In a key strategic move for both Sustainable Surplus Exchange (SSE) and the US Business Council for Sustainable Development (US BCSD), the organizations have signed a partnership agreement to create a Materials Marketplace in San Diego.

The US BCSD is a member-led 501 (c)(6) nonprofit business association, founded in 1992, that harnesses the power of collaborative projects, platforms and partnerships to develop, deploy and scale solutions to ecosystems, energy, materials and water challenges.

Sustainable Surplus, a 501 (c)(3), based in San Diego,“turns corporate excess into community assets,” according to Executive Director, Sue Prelozni. SSE handles the internal surplus, everything from office supplies and furniture to computers and lab equipment, and redistributes them to schools, nonprofits and start-up organizations.

The Materials Marketplace aims to create a closed-loop, collaborative network of businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs in San Diego County where one organization’s waste becomes another organization’s raw material. In addition to diverting waste from landfills, the recovery activities will generate significant cost savings, energy savings, and create new jobs and business opportunities. 

There are four such Marketplaces located throughout the US – Austin, Detroit, Memphis and Columbus.  The US BCSD targeted San Diego after learning about the parallel mission of SSE to divert still useful product from the landfill. 

“We’re thrilled to be working alongside Sustainable Surplus in this groundbreaking new project,” said Daniel Kietzer, Program Manager for the US BCSD. “Many San Diego businesses and organizations are challenging the traditional take-make-dispose model; the Materials Marketplace is an important enabler to move this new circular thinking into action.”

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

SSE Partners with NETGEAR to Give Back-Packs to Homeless Youth

It was a special day of giving to underserved youth in San Diego North County, readying them for school.   Thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of the employees at NETGEAR, at least 50 children are prepared to go back to school with a new backpack full of the necessary supplies.

NETGEAR chooses different areas of philanthropic opportunities to support the community throughout the year, according to Francesca Vanderloo, office coordinator.  Their focus for this campaign:  children in need.  Through their research, they decided to utilize the School-Tools Backpacks by World Vision for their outreach. “We felt that the homeless and foster children would benefit the most from receiving a School-Tools backpack filled with school supplies,” said Vanderloo.

New Haven ED Chris Kates, SSE CEO Sue Prelozni with
with Francesca Vanderloo and Katherine Morda of NETGEAR

NETGEAR’s staff created an event for their employees to assemble backpacks with school supplies for donation to local non-profits that focused on helping homeless and foster school age children.

The exchanges were arranged by local nonprofit Sustainable Surplus, whose mission is to repurpose supplies to those in need at local schools and nonprofits.  “When our friends at NETGEAR reached out regarding this special project, we were more than happy to help them identify a few local nonprofits whose constituents truly fit their purpose,” said SSE director Sue Prelozni.

Together they focused on three nonprofits:  Petra House, New Haven Youth and Family Services and Stand Up for Kids.
Sue (SSE) with Carlton Brown, ED of Petra House
and Francesca and Katherine (NETGEAR)
The timing was perfect as school was about to begin and the children could start the school year with tools to help them be successful in the classroom.  “The best part of the School-Tools Backpack is the hand written note it includes with words of encouragement, prepared by our employees who assembled the backpacks,” said Vanderloo.  She added, “It is with great gratitude to Sue Prelozni and Sustainable Surplus, that we successfully distributed 50 backpacks to these organizations.” 

For information about corporate outreach to local nonprofits, contact sue@sustainablesurplus.org

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Everyone Jumped In for Blind Surfing Event

September 11, 2016 – Members of Sustainable Surplus’ team volunteered at the Blind Surfing Event sponsored by the Encinitas Lions Club.  It was a heartfelt event where surf instructors and helpers guided sight-challenged children and adults into the tide at South Ponto Point in Carlsbad.
Elise MacAndrew, executive assistant of Team SSE, spent most of the day in chest-deep water, guiding her assigned students onto a wave.  “It was such an incredible experience,” Elise shared.  “I’d do this again next year for sure!”

MacAndrew and SSE executive director, Sue Prelozni, volunteered as part of the Live Well San Diego Lions team, led by County Supervisor Dave Roberts - who also jumped in.  Everyone was hands on and in the water, sharing in the passion!
Blind surfer coming in Elise's team heading out.

Surfer Joshua, his dog Hobbs
with instructor Elise and Helper Cindy

Joshua catches a wave and rides it in!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Repurpose for a Purpose

Today’s Make a Hat Day.  Time to get out those old things in your closet and recreate something new.  It’s always better to Repurpose for a Purpose.  We know, we do it every day.  Join us here

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

See SSE BYOB Event on TV

The Back to School BYOB (Bring Your Own Box) was a huge success with 240 teachers and nonprofit staff signed up.  Attendees were invited to come to the Sustainable Surplus' warehouse with an empty box and fill it with FREE supplies.  On average, they left with $200 of pens, paper, staplers and other office supplies.
San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts, a long time supporter of SSE's mission toward a sustainable community, was on hand to meet and greet the teachers.

See the clip on CW-6 here:  SSE on CW-6

Or paste this link into your browser

Monday, August 29, 2016

Special Visit from Long Time Supporter Supervisor Dave Roberts

Supervisor Dave Roberts attends the August 2016 BYOB!

Teachers line up out the door waiting for the event to begin.

CEO Sue Prelozni and Supervisor Dave Roberts talk with teachers before the event begins.

Happy teachers ready to fill their boxes!

Supervisor Dave Roberts peruses the housewares section of Sustainable Surplus. We accept donations of all kinds!

Thanks for coming!!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

BYOB August 2016 - a great success!

  Bring Your Own Box!  

This year's pickings of FREE supplies for teachers and non profits:

Supervisor Dave Roberts chats with teachers before the event:

Teachers anxiously waiting for the event to begin as news camera crews look on:

The flood gates open!

When asked what they think of the BYOB, teachers say:

"I love it! I love it."

"I would say I'm saving probably hundreds of dollars"

"We found all kinds of stuff. I was overwhelmed with all the options."

"This event is a wonderful community builder... I think it's great that it's extended to educators specifically. This time of the year is so important while we're all working to get our classrooms started and up and running for our students and offering the best supplies and I'm just so grateful..."

Make sure you are signed up as a NONPROFIT MEMBER to attend our next BYOB! See you there!