Friday, May 5, 2017

SSE to Launch Binational Coalition of Nonprofits with Partner in MX

Local nonprofit, Sustainable Surplus Exchange (SSE) is forming a Binational Coalition of Nonprofits with an organization in Tijuana, Comité Binacional Unidos por la Niñez (Binational Committee United for the Children - CBUN) to facilitate cross-border donation of items and reduce waste from going to the landfill and river.  

Both SSE and CBUN have missions to repurpose still useful items to the community and to support the environment.  “It just makes good sense for us to work together and collaborate on projects to increase the number of people who can benefit,” said CBUN Director Adolfo Delgado.  The two organizations are establishing an alliance, along with the governments of Tijuana and Rosarito to strengthen the work they do in the following areas:
  • Redistribution of donated furniture, computers, school desks, et al to community organizations
  • Environmental education - especially for children
  • Investigation of the environmental impact of donation versus disposal

Through the alliance, the organizations seek to obtain and share, preferably donated, warehouse space in San Diego’s South Bay to manage the cross border donations of items.   “Too often we have items that cannot be repurposed in the US, but are acceptable for donation to Mexico,” said SSE CEO, Sue Prelozni.  “We’ve been struggling for two years to find a good solution, and with this coalition we are on a good path to do so.”

CBUN and SSE will be hosting a joint media day on May 8, beginning at 10:30 am at City Hall in Tijuana.  According to Mr. Delgado, there will be governmental dignitaries from both sides of the border, joining in the event, including from the City of Tijuana, Councilwoman Monica Vega, President of the Commission to Protect the Environment, City of Tijuana,  Juan Eduardo Pérez Gutierrez, Director of Environmental Protection XXII, and Nayeli Alcocer, Director of the Department of Human Development and Education of CBUN.

From the US, SSE’s team will include Ms. Prelozni and Board Director Charlie Copelan and be joined by Denice Garcia, Director of International Affairs of Mayor Faulconer’s Office, Mayor Serge Dedina of Imperial Beach, Gustavo De La Fuente, Director of the Smart Border Coalition, and Manuel Medrano, Senior Recycling Specialist, Office of Sustainability, City of Chula Vista.

Monday, April 3, 2017

SSE Receives Las Patronas Grant

Sustainable Surplus received a grant from Las Patronas to purchase inventory management and moving equipment.

"We are so grateful for Las Patronas support -- and the timing is perfect as we prepare to move into another facility," said SSE CEO Sue Prelozni.  SSE will be purchasing furniture dollies, a pallet jack, a handlift truck and other tools to handle the donated items.
Las Patronas is committed to providing financial assistance to non-profit organizations in San Diego County that provide valuable community service and to continuing their tradition of service to enhance the quality of life in our community.  Their giving focuses on the areas of health, education, social services and cultural arts

Thursday, March 30, 2017

SSE Executive Director Nominated for Athena Pinnacle Award

Sustainable Surplus is proud to announce that it's executive director, Sue Prelozni, has been nominated for the prestigious Athena Pinnacle Award.  
Athena's Pinnacle Awards exist to recognize extraordinary women, men and organizations who have shown dedication to in promoting Athena's mission of fostering the personal and professional growth of women through mentoring, education, recognition, and leadership training.
Awards are given in seven categories.  Sue is elected for her efforts in green technology. The awards gala will be held May 4 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

On the Path to Bi-National Nonprofit Collaboration

In pursuit of cross border donation and environmental education for children, SSE executive director Sue Prelozni and Board Director Charlie Copelan met with the Director of Comite Binacional Unidos por la Ninez, Adolfo Delgado.
One of the goals of the coalition is to facilitate the movement of donated items from the US to Mexico. The organizations plan to acquire and share warehouse space near Otay.
The Comite Binacional is a joint venture with non-profits Bibliotecas Hermanas, Read a Book, Surrendered Ministries, Hilarious Givers and Humanitarian Cruz Verde BC.
Director Delgado said, "It just makes sense to collaborate as our missions and goals are very similar."
"This was the first of several meetings to come," Prelozni added.
Stay tuned for the progress report!
Charlie Copelan, Nayeli Alcocer, Aldolfo Delgado, Sue Prelozni

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SSE Hosts Holiday BYOB

It will be the last BYOB (Bring Your Own Box) event of the year - the Holiday BYOB - on Thursday, December 8.
Teachers and nonprofit staff are invited to Sustainable Surplus' warehouse and to bring an empty box and fill it with free office and lab supplies.
"I think they also come for the cookies and hot apple cider," says SSE executive director Sue Prelozni.
PLUS - there will be a visit from Santa Claus!
Photos from 2015 Holiday BYOB

Monday, November 14, 2016

How SSE Staff Spend Their Weekends

Feeding the Homeless at San Diego Rescue Mission - November 19th

As part of the Live Well San Diego Lions, SSE director Sue Prelozni joined a group of six fellow Lions to feed the homeless and underprivileged at the San Diego Rescue Mission. The SD Humane Society was on hand to offer temporary housing for the participants' dogs while they ate, as well as treats, food and other supplies for their pets.

Sue with SD Rescue Mission
Director Herb Johnson
Live Well Lions cutting cake

The furry friends of our homeless being cared for by SDHS


The Warehouse - Open House - November 10th & 12th 
SSE raised $3,000 and distributed at least 85 items to local nonprofits and small businesses.
 -- Thank you, everyone!
Out-going student desks to a local school

SSE Treasurer Steve Hermes
with volunteers Bret & Carleigh

The Walk for Multiple Sclerosis - November 4th - 6th
MS Walk - Rest Stop 2

SSE Exec Admin Elise MacAndrew
and her mom, Stacey

Tomorrow is America Recycles Day!

Help Us Celebrate!
Time to think outside the box and find a new use or purpose for something that may have been destined for the trash.

Instead of buying new on Black Friday – buy something previously owned and/or lightly used.  We have a warehouse full of such fun stuff!  Conserve the energy and resources to manufacture new items.