Monday, July 16, 2012

Warehouse Space Donated by HG Fenton

HG Fenton donated 2700’ of warehouse and office space to Sustainable Surplus Exchange. warehouseThis generous donation will help SSE provide an interim storage space for donor’s surplus until a recipient match is made.

“This is a huge help because it gives us time to manage the surplus. And it give items that could be destined for landfill a second chance to be repurposed,” says SSE director, Sue Prelozni.  The space is already half full and inventory turns quickly. 
New items come in every week, added Prelozni.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Quintiles Donates to SSE

Press Release:  San Diego – June 26, 2012 – Quintiles recently donated $5000 to local nonprofit Sustainable Surplus Exchange.  This contribution makes Quintiles one of SSE’s largest financial sponsors to date.

“We chose to contribute to the efforts of Sustainable Surplus because it follows our corporate commitment to promote sustainability and support our community,” said Michael Acosta, Sr. Facilities Coordinator .

Sustainable Surplus accepts donated surplus assets from companies and repurposes them throughout the community.  The major beneficiaries are schools and charitable organizations.  SSE’s mission is to keep excess out of the landfill by prolonging the useful life of items.

“This funding will directly support our operations and help us continue the Exchanges to our members,” said founder and executive director Sue Prelozni.  “At our last Exchange, the BYOB – Bring Your Own Box event, we gave away over 75 cases of office supplies.” 

Quintiles had also donated office furniture, namely chairs, to the Exchange.  All of the chairs were repurposed within two weeks to local charter schools and nonprofits. 

Last year, Sustainable Surplus donated over $160,000 worth of assets to 42 organizations; 80 percent were schools.  Prelozni added, “This year we are on track to triple those numbers.”

To donate surplus items, donors may contact SSE via their website, . The kinds of assets accepted are described on the website.