Monday, November 30, 2015


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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bret Grabowski Named SSE Volunteer of the Year

In recognition of his work, above and beyond the call of a volunteer, Bret Grabowski was honored as Sustainable Surplus’ Volunteer of the Year at the North County Philanthropy Council Awards Luncheon, today.

“Bret give us countless hours of support, attends every event, arriving early and staying late,” said SSE executive director Sue Prelozni.  “He gives unwavering assistance to our beneficiaries and to our staff.”

The event, held at the Sheraton Grande Resort, was filled with more than 500 people with a passion. There were 64 nominees, representing 61 local nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Grabowski contributes to the growth in attendance at SSE’s events by actively working on SSE’s marketing committee.  “The most rewarding experience for me has been the giddiness and joy shown by the teachers and those in need when I tell them we provide much-needed supplies free of charge and other items at a very low price,” commented Grabowski. 

He also lends his business acumen by serving on SSE’s advisory committee.  “We are very fortunate and grateful for Bret,” Prelozni added.

Monday, November 9, 2015

SSE Opens Its Doors to Military Families

November 9, 2015 – Active military, veterans, reservists and their families will now have access to the online Exchange of Sustainable Surplus (SSE), a nonprofit that redistributes previously owned corporate items back into the community for use.  This means military members can join for free with the same status of a nonprofit organization and can acquire items at the Exchange at 80- to 90-percent discount on the value of a previously owned item.

The Exchange serves as a distribution center for donated surplus items from local companies.  Items include office supplies, desks, chairs, bookcases, computers, printers – most anything coming out of a business.  “Occasionally, we repurpose refrigerators and couches from corporate executive suites to needy shelters and families,” said SSE executive director Sue Prelozni.

SSE currently works with 14 military organizations in San Diego.  “It just makes sense to increase our outreach to all those who have served our country,” Prelozni said.  Adding military and their family members helps expand the mission of SSE – to repurpose items which have a still-useful life to those in need and to keep senseless waste out of the landfill.

“Sustainable Surplus has been a Godsend for Wounded Warrior Homes,” commented Gene Jennett, assistant director of WWH.  “Having this source of low cost office furniture and supplies has helped us stretch our funds and spend more of the community's donated dollars directly to helping our veterans.”

SSE has supported more than 400 educational, charitable and start-up organizations in San Diego County – benefiting 35,000 teachers, students, nonprofit beneficiaries and entrepreneurs.

“I think it is a great thing that Sustainable Surplus is doing by opening up this amazing resource directly to our veterans,” Jennett added. 

In order to participate in the program, military members just need to register online at Their membership is free.  For more information about the program, contact SSE at