Monday, May 29, 2017

Germany Sets New Record on Sustainable Energy Use

Germany just set a new national record for renewable energy use.
On April 30, 85 percent of the electricity consumed by Germany was generated by renewable sources including wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. Read more here:

Friday, May 5, 2017

SSE to Launch Binational Coalition of Nonprofits with Partner in MX

Local nonprofit, Sustainable Surplus Exchange (SSE) is forming a Binational Coalition of Nonprofits with an organization in Tijuana, Comité Binacional Unidos por la Niñez (Binational Committee United for the Children - CBUN) to facilitate cross-border donation of items and reduce waste from going to the landfill and river.  

Both SSE and CBUN have missions to repurpose still useful items to the community and to support the environment.  “It just makes good sense for us to work together and collaborate on projects to increase the number of people who can benefit,” said CBUN Director Adolfo Delgado.  The two organizations are establishing an alliance, along with the governments of Tijuana and Rosarito to strengthen the work they do in the following areas:
  • Redistribution of donated furniture, computers, school desks, et al to community organizations
  • Environmental education - especially for children
  • Investigation of the environmental impact of donation versus disposal

Through the alliance, the organizations seek to obtain and share, preferably donated, warehouse space in San Diego’s South Bay to manage the cross border donations of items.   “Too often we have items that cannot be repurposed in the US, but are acceptable for donation to Mexico,” said SSE CEO, Sue Prelozni.  “We’ve been struggling for two years to find a good solution, and with this coalition we are on a good path to do so.”

CBUN and SSE will be hosting a joint media day on May 8, beginning at 10:30 am at City Hall in Tijuana.  According to Mr. Delgado, there will be governmental dignitaries from both sides of the border, joining in the event, including from the City of Tijuana, Councilwoman Monica Vega, President of the Commission to Protect the Environment, City of Tijuana,  Juan Eduardo Pérez Gutierrez, Director of Environmental Protection XXII, and Nayeli Alcocer, Director of the Department of Human Development and Education of CBUN.

From the US, SSE’s team will include Ms. Prelozni and Board Director Charlie Copelan and be joined by Denice Garcia, Director of International Affairs of Mayor Faulconer’s Office, Mayor Serge Dedina of Imperial Beach, Gustavo De La Fuente, Director of the Smart Border Coalition, and Manuel Medrano, Senior Recycling Specialist, Office of Sustainability, City of Chula Vista.