Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday BYOB Helps Over 50

Over 50 people participated in the Sustainable Surplus holiday Bring Your Own Box (BYOB) event this month.  “It was our biggest BYOB yet,” commented Sue Prelozni, executive director. And 75 percent of the attendees were from local schools. “No one left empty-handed,” she added.
Everyone was invited to bring one box of any size and fill it with FREE office supplies.  “People were very creative about the size and shape of their boxes,” said Prelozni. The free items included staplers, file folders, tape and dispensers, 3-hole punches, pens and papers.  Several attendees also purchased cork boards, whiteboards and commercial wall art.
To fill an additional box cost a donation of five dollars.  Participants were also encouraged to take a free box of 3-ring binders.
Of the many gracious comments made by the recipients, the one which said it most succinctly – “This could not have happened at a better time.”  

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