Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First BYOB of 2013

Just in time for Valentine's day...Get ready for the first BYOB of 2013!  Sustainable Surplus will host its very popular Bring-Your-Own-Box party on February 12.  Teachers, members of nonprofits, are invited to bring an empty box and fill it up with FREE office supplies!  Want to attend?  Register here… Click on Become A Member - Only members of SSE are invited to this event.  Membership is free to charitable/nonprofit organizations.
Wear something red or pink and receive a FREE box of 3-ring binders!
A smattering of what is available....
file folders, pens, paper, binders, staples/staples, in-out boxes, lab supplies, file holders, binders.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Founder to Speak at Retired Teachers Luncheon

The founder of Sustainable Surplus, Sue Prelozni, will be speaking at the California Retired Teachers' Association luncheon on Monday, January 28.  The meeting of Division 45 of RTA will cover important issues such as pensions, legislation and insurance. 
Collaborating with the RTA seems to be a perfect fit.  Over 75% of SSE’s recipients in 2012 were from the education sector.
“We hope that the teachers will help spread the word about sustainability and encourage their colleagues to participate,” said Prelozni.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sustainable Surplus To Attend Trade Tech High Dedication

Sustainable Surplus will be attending the dedication of the new facility for North County Trade Tech High School, named for its industry partner, HG Fenton, on Tuesday, January 29.
Trade Tech High School is a charter school that gives students a strong blend of academic and workforce competencies necessary for future success in post-secondary education, especially in the construction industry. 
SSE recently donated several mechanical displays related to energy efficiency and green technologies to Trade Tech.  The displays were sourced from SDG&E, a frequent, sustainability-focused donor to SSE.

Monday, January 21, 2013

SSE Attends SDBJ Party

Sustainable Surplus attended the San Diego Business Journal “Book of Lists” party.  The venue was the awesome Birch Aquarium
SDBJ President, Randy Firsch, presented honors to executives of the top companies throughout San Diego.  The event recognized hundreds of key players representing every local industry from health care to technology to biotech and banking.  Over 300 people attended this very interesting and entertaining evening - which included an educational "Dive Show" by members of the Birch Aquarium.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SSE Supports AB 341

Members of the Sustainable Surplus team will be at the San Diego Board of Supervisors’ meeting tomorrow, January 9, to support the proposed revision of Assembly Bill 341.
AB 341 requires businesses that produce four cubic yards of waste or more weekly to recycle. It also sets a state goal of achieving 75% landfill diversion by 2020.
The proposed ordinance by SD Solid Waste Planning & Recycling department would increase diversion of business waste from landfill disposal. The County’s current ordinance requires businesses 20,000 square feet or larger to recycle specified materials. The proposed ordinance would be in accordance with the State mandate for businesses at four cubic yards of waste.
As a result, the ordinance would increase the amount of materials recycled in the unincorporated area of the county, assist the County to continue to meet state-mandated goals and requirements, conserve landfill capacity and encourage investment in the recycling and waste reduction industry. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

SSE Attends Vista Chamber Government Affairs Meeting

SSE attended the Vista Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs committee luncheon today.  Guest speaker John Dadian, a long-time political analyst discussed the “state of the affairs” at the national, state and county level and gave his perspective on the “fiscal cliff.” Chamber CEO, Bret Schanzenbach, and committee members gave updates on recent developments in Vista & the region, including Vista's General  Plan.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SSE to Attend Economic Trends Forum

Sustainable Surplus will be attending the annual “Economic Trends for San Diego” breakfast hosted by the San Diego Business Journal on January 3.  The event will focus on the major trends in 2012 and the industry indicators for 2013. Randy Frisch, president and publisher of SDBJ will be moderating a panel of regional experts to indicate what's in store for San Diego this year.  The panel includes:  Mark Vinter, managing director and senior economist at Wells Fargo; Trindl Reeves, principal and chief sales officer at Barney & Barney; Tom van Bretten, senior tenant advisor at Cassidy Turley, and Mary Ann Barnes, senior vice president at Kaiser Permanente.

SDGE Campaign Clears Clutter

It was time to “Clear the Clutter.”  That is what SDG&E called their internal campaign to raise the conscious of its employees about their stockpile of non-used items. 
We are all guilty of it – hanging on to those items we are sure we will use again.  They get stuffed into drawers, onto shelves, pushed to the back of closets.  And more often times than not, those items are never used again; they just collect dust.
Fast forward to Clear the Clutter - the result of an on-going sustainability initiative by director of facilities, John Ritter.
Clear the Clutter targeted office supplies and small office furniture.  The project was coordinated with Sustainable Surplus Exchange (SSE).
“This is our third project with SDG&E and we continue to be impressed with the level of the employees’ involvement,” said SSE executive director, Sue Prelozni. 
Over the course of a week the employees at the Century Park complex deposited their surplus into containers strategically placed at each building.  At the end of the week the items were vetted by SDG&E for redeployment, donation and disposal.
Clear the Clutter contributed almost 300 boxes of office supplies, and a sundry of file cabinets, chairs, whiteboards and commercial wall art.  These items were added to the inventory for SSE’s Holiday BYOB (Bring Your Own Box) event.  

Holiday BYOB Helps Over 50

Over 50 people participated in the Sustainable Surplus holiday Bring Your Own Box (BYOB) event this month.  “It was our biggest BYOB yet,” commented Sue Prelozni, executive director. And 75 percent of the attendees were from local schools. “No one left empty-handed,” she added.
Everyone was invited to bring one box of any size and fill it with FREE office supplies.  “People were very creative about the size and shape of their boxes,” said Prelozni. The free items included staplers, file folders, tape and dispensers, 3-hole punches, pens and papers.  Several attendees also purchased cork boards, whiteboards and commercial wall art.
To fill an additional box cost a donation of five dollars.  Participants were also encouraged to take a free box of 3-ring binders.
Of the many gracious comments made by the recipients, the one which said it most succinctly – “This could not have happened at a better time.”