Monday, February 16, 2015

SSE Supports Zero Waste Symposium

In its second year, the Zero Waste Symposium will focus on handling organics, maximizing our resources for reuse and recycling and being in compliance with State mandates.  Being held tomorrow, February 17, the symposium is put on by the county-wide Integrated Waste Management Citizens and Technical Advisory Committee, Zero Waste San Diego and the San Diego Chapter of the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA). 
SD Supervisor Greg Cox will be giving Opening Remarks along with Deanna Spehn – Special Assistant to Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins

Sustainable Surplus is a program sponsor and will be participating in break-out sessions focused on solutions for managing corporate waste.

Monday, February 2, 2015

SSE Meets with SEC Commissioner

In a roundtable discussion created by CONNECT, SSE executive director, Sue Prelozni, met with SEC Commissioner Dan Gallagher.  The dialog focused on SEC and Federal regulations, limiting the investment of private individual, angel and VC funders to support start-up companies.  Commissioner Gallagher suggested a review "Regulation A," as it may lend a broader scope in terms of investment.
Only 30 people were invited to attend the session, representing both sides of the table:  start-up, entrepreneurs and investors.  Both sides expressed their concern and frustration with current regulations. Gallagher was eager to hear their concerns and suggested the attendees keep an open dialog with him and his office going forward.
The event was hosted by the office of Stradling, Attorneys at Law.
SEC Commissioner Dan Gallagher with CONNECT CEO Greg McKee