Friday, June 21, 2013

Sustainable Surplus on YouTube

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SPECIAL THANKS to Rec Ready Recording & Michael Ortiz for their outstanding video production!

Sustainable Surplus Director on Shark Tank

In an exciting program offered at La Costa Elementary School, 6th grade students are taught to take an invention they create from inception to market.  It is called “Mission 2 Innovate” and culminates in a presentation to a panel of judges, fashioned after the ABC show, Shark Tank.

Throughout the semester, the students learn business basics including: costs of sourcing and manufacturing, cost of goods sold, key elements of pricing as well as a valuation and a balance sheet.
“Sitting on the panel, I remained in disbelief that these were 11- and 12-year-old students,” said Sue Prelozni, Sustainable Surplus director.  Prelozni served on a panel of 4 judges and listened to almost a dozen presentations.  “We all had our favorites,” commented judge Rich Armstrong.

The key factors were innovation, research, and marketability.  Products were often very unique:  Magna Robe – a robe that closes and opens by magnetic pull versus buttons and zippers; Fishy – fishing lures made of paracord; Challows – marshmallows filled with different flavors and then covered in semi-dark chocolate.  

One item was perfect for surfers – a sock which wipes your feet as you pull it on, then is removed as you place a dry sock in its place.

“It was incredible learning experience for us judges,” Prelozni  exclaimed.  “I’d do it again.”

Judges: George Bradvica, Rich Sylvester, Sue Prelozni and Steve White (not shown)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AB 341 Presentation at IFMA

Sustainable Surplus launched a green educational workshop “AB 341 California’s Commercial Recycling Bill: Understanding and Compliance,” at the monthly meeting of the San Deigo chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).  The panel presentation informs local businesses on this state mandate to reduce GHG emissions by diverting commercial solid waste through recycling efforts.  It also offers sustainable solutions for compliance. AB 341 sets a recycle goal of 75% of solid waste by 2020. 
     The panel included co-authors, Sue Prelozni, executive director of Sustainable Surplus, Doug Kot, director of the US Green Building Council-San Diego, John Ritter, facilities director of SDG&E, and Ed Pletner, CEO of AVR Recycling.
     “Our goal is to provide this workshop to industry associations and chambers of commerce throughout San Diego County,” said Prelozni. Facilities managers are often responsible for overseeing their company’s recycling and waste disposal.  Keeping them informed helps assure sustainable business practices.
     One of the attendees, Lisa Chappell, vice president facilities management, Mission Federal Credit Union, commented, “The audience was fully engaged.” Many positive comments followed the presentation, including some very thought provoking questions.

Presenters (from left to right)
Sue Prelozni, Sustainable Surplus
Ravi Bajaj, USGBC- San Diego
John Ritter, SDG&E
Ed Pletner, AVR Recycling