Thursday, July 9, 2015

SSE Forms Collaboration with San Diego Futures Foundation

Sustainable Surplus Exchange (SSE) and the San Diego Futures Foundation (SDFF) have entered into a collaboration, creating a partnership to promote sustainable and equitable solutions in the community.  The missions of the two organizations run parallel in their goals to repurpose still useful assets to organizations in need. 

Today’s financial landscape compels nonprofits to seek strategic alliances to access a partner’s resources, including markets, technologies, capital and people.  Teaming up with other organizations adds complementary resources and capability, enabling participants to grow and expand more quickly and efficiently.

SDFF and SSE plan to leverage their alliance to extend their technical and operational resources. “In the process, we will save time and boost productivity,” said Gary Knight, SDFF Executive Director. “And we will be able to concentrate on innovation and our core missions.”

SDFF provides refurbished computers, IT services and educational programs for nonprofit organizations. “We also provide technology resource to disadvantaged community members and the elderly,” said Knight.  Additionally, the Foundation focuses on technology training leading to industry certification for the development of job skills for the underserved.

Sustainable Surplus works with local businesses to find homes for their out-of-use assets – everything from office supplies to furniture and lab equipment – by repurposing them to educational, nonprofit and start-up organizations. By extending the useful life of items, SSE has diverted over 400,000 pounds of solid waste from the landfill.

“We see this collaboration as a unique opportunity to combine resources to assure the success of our missions and increase the outreach and impact in our community,” said SSE Executive Director Sue Prelozni.
The two organizations signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on July 1, which outlines their shared goals, achieving a green and sustainable economy, while engaging commerce with the community. 

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