Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Sustainable Surplus!

Sustainable Surplus celebrated its 4th year with a Birthday BYOB. The famous Bring Your Own Box event invites teachers and nonprofit staff to come to the warehouse with an empty box and fill it with FREE office supplies.  

More than 50 of our constituents attended, singing “Happy Birthday” to staff and founder, Sue Prelozni.

A good time was had by all.  While teachers and nonprofits came for FREE items, they also bought oodles of furniture and computers. 

The event was sponsored by RMG Recycling.  According to CEO Armen Derderian, "RMG supports Sustainable Surplus because we believe in their cause.  They fill a vital void in the marketplace by finding a use through a well-established network of end users for quality products that aren't ready for or easily recycled"

Sustainable Surplus has repurposed valuable assets to over 400 local schools, nonprofits and start-ups.  As a result, SSE diverted 400,000 pounds of solid waste from the landfill.  Close to 200 companies have engaged in SSE's program, donating $1.7 million of assets.


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