Sunday, November 24, 2013

Board Retreat Unifies All in Mission

It was a meeting of the minds, hearts and passion of Sustainable Surplus at its first annual board retreat.

“Our goal was to solidify and focus the efforts of our team so we can best utilize everyone’s talent to take SSE to the next level,” commented executive director, Sue Prelozni.
SSE board directors and advisory staff met for the better part of a Saturday to collectively learn, contribute and plan. They participated in thought-provoking exercises which refined the parameters of SSE’s mission and strategy.

The meeting was facilitated by Tom Iselin, 20-year veteran of business and board building, and author of “First Things, First.  “It was an awesome experience,” commented Board director, Connie Hoch.  “Tom really captured the attention and input of everyone in the room.”

Board adviser, Patti Mason, added, “In my ten years’ experience running a nonprofit, I sat through a lot of these types of meetings, but none compared in excellence to this.”

An underlying theme of the meeting was to choose words that best define SSE’s corporate culture.  On this everyone agreed:  Environment, Sustainability, Unity/Community,Communication, Repurposing, and Commitment.

In attendance were:  Sandy Atkinson, Kelly Bagla, Alan Ball, William Conner, Steve Hermes, Shari Joyce, Connie Koch Harrell, Patti Mason, Michelle Mueller and Sue Prelozni.

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