Monday, September 16, 2013

Back-to-School Event Saves Teachers $15,000

The Bring Your Own Box Event (BYOB) continues its popularity and increases its attendance.  An estimated 70 teachers and nonprofit supporters attended the special Back to School BYOB.
 “This was the best event yet,” exclaimed Heidi Jensen, event assistant. 
Sustainable Surplus repurposed approximately 200 boxes of office supplies – full of paper, pens, letter trays, plastic organizers, staplers, tape dispensers, hole punches, wastebaskets and binders. 
Savings to the teachers and nonprofits?  On average a ‘boxful’ is worth $75.  A case of 3-ring binders can cost $45-$100, depending on the size and type of ring.  
As a result, in just two hours, SSE gave away $15,000 of office supplies.  

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