Monday, April 15, 2013

A Visit to City Hall

Members of Sustainable Surplus Exchange (SSE) were busy at City Hall last week, meeting with supervisors 
and staff.  “A key goal was to share awareness of our mission and engage them on sustainability concerns here in San Diego ,” said sustainability coordinator Sandy Atkinson. She and, executive director Sue Prelozni, had an insightful meeting with Supervisor Dave Roberts and his land use policy advisor Sachiko Kohatsu.  A key element of that meeting was discussing how SSE diverts tons of waste from landfills.
Earlier in the week, Prelozni also met with the Joshua Ramirez, policy advisor for Supervisor Bill Horn, who was very helpful outlining several approaches the county’s programs could help support SSE.
“On the surface, it might seem like we were meeting with polar ends of the philosophical magnet,” said Sue Prelozni.  “But there was definitely a common thread in both meetings when we discussed ways to support our community and our environment.”  Everyone embraced the goals of SSE and explored ways the city could contribute.

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